Advancing Shared Decision Making

The Informed Medical Decisions Foundation, now a division of Healthwise, has been working to advance evidence-based shared decision making since 1989. We believe the only way to ensure that high quality health care decisions are being made is for a fully informed patient to participate in a shared decision making process with their clinician. Through our research and advocacy efforts, we are dedicated to helping people make better health decisions.

Current News from the Informed Medical Decisions Foundation

President’s Corner: March 2014

A Toast to Shared Decision Making

Michael J. Barry, MD

Cheers to all who joined us for Shared Decision Making (SDM) Month 2014. Whether you contributed to or participated in one of the month’s activities, shared our digital freebies or distributed shared decision making materials, you were a voice for shared decision making and we thank you. We are in awe of the fantastic response we received once again from patients, advocates, providers, researchers, policy makers and systems of care around the world. The interest in making shared decision making a reality has been so inspiring, and will continue to guide us as we work toward widespread adoption of shared decision making.

SDM Month 2014 highlighted the critical role of patients in health care and the importance of involving them in not just their care, but in the design of the entire system. We saw the desire that many patients have for becoming involved and the need for patients to provide the “pull” for shared decision making. We also saw the potential for changes in health care policy to be a significant “push” for shared decision making, especially through health information technology.

Throughout the month we also looked at how shared decision making has evolved over time by highlighting critical milestones and the organizations and individuals behind those accomplishments. While we look to the past for guidance, it’s crucial that we focus on where we are going and how we ensure success. We’ve been working for 25 years to inform and amplify the patient’s voice in health care decisions and our staff is excited about the future of shared decision making as we embark on a new adventure.

As of April 1, 2014, the Foundation and Healthwise merged as a “force for good” to help people make better health decisions. By joining forces, we will be able to further extend the value of shared decision making into mainstream care and help over 160 million patients a year make decisions that are right for them. As one organization we will take what we have learned and gained through SDM Month as we work to inform and amplify each person’s voice.

We hope that you enjoyed SDM Month 2014 and are inspired to take your new knowledge and resources into the real world and make a difference. As we start our own new chapter, we look forward to continuing to work with all of you to create a more affordable, compassionate and truly patient- and family-centered health care system.

May the future of shared decision making continue to shine bright!

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The ACC Continues Focus on “The Year of The Patient”

Today’s guest blogger is William Lewis, MD. He is the Chief of Clinical Cardiology at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio and an Associate Professor of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University. William has been on the Board of Trustees for the Ohio Chapter … Continue reading

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Shared Decision Making: Better Care for Women and Babies

There is growing consensus that rapid gains in the quality, outcomes, and value of maternity care are within reach. The integration of shared decision making into the maternity care system can play a significant role in improving outcomes for women and babies, and may help reduce the high costs of maternity care by helping women avoid procedures that are unnecessary. The partners look forward to working together to make maternity care shared decision making in the clinical setting the norm, not the exception. Continue reading

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Shared Decision Making Champion Q&A: John E. Wennberg, MD, MPH

Today’s guest blogger is John E. “Jack” Wennberg, MD, MPH. He is the Peggy Y. Thomson Professor Emeritus in the Evaluative Clinical Sciences at Dartmouth, and has been a professor in the department of community and family medicine since 1980 and in the department of medicine since 1989. Jack was nominated as a Champion of Shared Decision Making by the staff of the Informed Medical Decisions Foundation. See the full list of champions here. Continue reading

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Bringing Shared Decision Making to Kaiser Permanente

We are two years into our shared decision making program. New regions and new specialties (along with new conditions) are joining the conversation and the rollout. As we continue to collect data and experiences, and as awareness of shared decision making continues to grow, we are confident that greater accomplishments lie ahead. Continue reading

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