I Wish I Had Asked That! A New Worksheet for Patients

Patient Visit Guide FrontHave you ever gone to a doctor’s visit and forgotten to ask an important question? Or maybe you were unsure what to ask in the first place?  If so, you aren’t alone. That is why the Informed Medical Decisions Foundation has designed a patient worksheet to help individuals gather the information they need to feel confident that they have the facts before making an important medical decision.

This worksheet is designed for the patient to fill out with the help of their provider. It covers the key information every patient should know before they decide on a particular test or treatment.

1) Medical diagnosis

2) Available options to address the health concern

3) Questions to consider discussing with the provider

The worksheet also provides ample space to take notes.

This tool is intended to help patients engage with their provider in a shared decision making process. If you’re a provider, we hope you’ll consider making this worksheet available in your office. This worksheet is free to use and is designed to be printed front and back. Individuals are also encouraged to print this out and bring it to their next doctor’s visit.

Download the “I Wish I Had Asked That!” Patient Visit Guide. (PDF 319 kb)

We hope you find this worksheet helpful! Let us know what you think of this tool by sending us an email.

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One Response to I Wish I Had Asked That! A New Worksheet for Patients

  1. I applaud your worksheet. I would strongly encourage the issue of time being added to the treatment decision. By that I mean how long will I have to take this medicine? Is the medicine safe to take for long periods or do new issues develop over time?

    We find that doctors often focus on the immediate medical needs, but don’t fully explore how a medicine might build up in the body, how the body could build tolerance or allergy to a medicine or (most commonly) how the long term effects just aren’t known.

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