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Michael J. Barry, MD

The President’s Corner: July/August 2015

In a 2012 report for The King’s Fund, Foundation cofounder Al Mulley and colleagues described the problem of misdiagnosis of patients’ preferences. “Preference misdiagnosis” may be the most common form of medical error in health care. It can occur when a person has more than one medically reasonable course of action open to him or her. A clinician, sometimes supported by recommendations from clinical practice guidelines, may prescribe or withhold a treatment based on what the evidence best supports and what he or she thinks the patient would want. However, research shows that among fully informed patients who understand a certain treatment’s possible benefits and risks, some would want that prescribed treatment, and some would not want that treatment prescribed. While there is evidence that preference misdiagnosis occurs, its epidemiology and solutions have not been well described. Continue reading

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Michael J. Barry, MD

Decision aid reduced men’s interest in PSA screening and helped shape patient-clinician conversations

Recent clinical practice guidelines from the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommend against PSA screening for men of all ages, while other guideline groups, including the American Urological Association (AUA) and the American College of Physicians (ACP), recommend a shared decision making (SDM) approach to the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test. “Dueling guidelines” can create confusion for people who are facing a health decision, as well as for their clinicians. Continue reading

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The President’s Corner: January/February 2015

The beginning of February sees us 10 months into the merger between Healthwise and the Informed Medical Decisions Foundation, and much has happened in that time to advance the cause of ensuring that more and more people are informed and … Continue reading

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The President’s Corner: June 2014

The Foundation will continue to maintain its identity as the research and policy arm of Healthwise, so we have been hard at work on our strategic plans for research and advocacy. Ben Moulton and Leslie Kelly Hall are leading the advocacy and policy efforts to transform the health care system into a truly patient-centered system. Advocacy efforts in the short run will focus on patient decision aid certification, promoting national and state policies supportive of informed and involved people facing health decisions, and penetration of shared decision making into new markets. Carrie Levin is heading the research efforts, with expert support from Jack Fowler and the rest of the research team. The evolving research strategic plan focuses on projects to improve decision-support and behavior-change solutions, projects to improve solution implementation, and projects demonstrating the value of these solutions in health care. As these projects unfold, we will be building a research infrastructure, developing clinical partnerships as collaborative “laboratories,” and further sharpening and standardizing key outcome measures. Continue reading

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President’s Corner: March 2014

A Toast to Shared Decision Making Cheers to all who joined us for Shared Decision Making (SDM) Month 2014. Whether you contributed to or participated in one of the month’s activities, shared our digital freebies or distributed shared decision making … Continue reading

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