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Shared Decision Making And The Use Of Patient Decision Aids

More than 30 years ago, a Reagan-era Presidential Commission urged the national adoption of “shared decision making” (SDM) as a way to improve communication and informed consent in health care. Since then, many patient decision aids (PDAs) have been developed — tools that present information about common medical choices in standardized, user-friendly formats. More than 100 published, randomized trials using PDAs have shown many benefits. Continue reading

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Using Stories to Help Patients Make Sense of Complex Information

We all naturally use both facts and personal stories to make decisions—whether we’re picking a new car or deciding on back surgery. Cognitive psychology tells us that both knowledge of a set of facts (“what are the facts?”) and a … Continue reading

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A Roadmap for Patient and Family Engagement

It’s a sign of progress that so many of us in the healthcare field are talking about and addressing issues related to patient and family engagement: what it means, why it matters, and how it can positively affect experiences of … Continue reading

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Call for Keeping Patients Informed Is Heard Loud and Clear

  141 attendees… 290 Twitter participants… 1,599 tweets… 3,806,868 Twitter impressions… These numbers represent the impact of the recent Summer Institute for Informed Patient Choice (SIIPC) conference, held June 25-27 in Hanover, NH. Aligning with this year’s theme, “The legal … Continue reading

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The President’s Corner: June 2014

The Foundation will continue to maintain its identity as the research and policy arm of Healthwise, so we have been hard at work on our strategic plans for research and advocacy. Ben Moulton and Leslie Kelly Hall are leading the advocacy and policy efforts to transform the health care system into a truly patient-centered system. Advocacy efforts in the short run will focus on patient decision aid certification, promoting national and state policies supportive of informed and involved people facing health decisions, and penetration of shared decision making into new markets. Carrie Levin is heading the research efforts, with expert support from Jack Fowler and the rest of the research team. The evolving research strategic plan focuses on projects to improve decision-support and behavior-change solutions, projects to improve solution implementation, and projects demonstrating the value of these solutions in health care. As these projects unfold, we will be building a research infrastructure, developing clinical partnerships as collaborative “laboratories,” and further sharpening and standardizing key outcome measures. Continue reading

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