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Money & Medicine

PBS Special Money & Medicine Explores the Dangers of Overdiagnosis and Overtreatment

This evening, PBS will air a special investigative report on the dangers of our current medical system. Money & Medicine takes us inside two world-renowned hospitals -- UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles and Intermountain Medical Center in Utah -- and shares first-hand stories of unnecessary medical spending, as well as effective methods for improving the overall quality of care and reducing costs. Money & Medicine captures the variations of care from birth to death and paints a powerful picture of our country’s medical crisis. The film also depicts effective strategies currently practiced at UCLA and Intermountain that reduce wasteful medical spending and improve health care quality. These strategies include improving coordination of care, implementing shared decision making and practicing evidence-based medicine. Continue reading
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Putting Patients First

What Does Shared Decision Making Mean to You?

At the Informed Medical Decisions Foundation we find that the term “shared decision making” means something different to each member of our team. We thought it would be fun to share these varied meanings with you, so we asked our Foundation family to describe shared decision making in just three words. This exercise resulted in a short video with more than 20 unique definitions of shared decision making. Continue reading
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Informed Medical Decisions Foundation Perspectives

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Striving for Balance & Fairness

One of our primary goals at the Informed Medical Decisions Foundation is to strive for balance and fairness when helping patients understand medical decisions. At the core of our organization is the conviction that the best medical decisions are made when patients are well informed and active participants in the decision making process. A balanced presentation gives patients the best chance to work in partnership with their providers and make the decision that will serve them best. Continue reading
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In The News

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[BuffaloNews] Consensus Reached on PSA Test Guidelines

Shared decision-making allows patients and physicians to make decisions together while taking into account scientific evidence and patients' preferences, said Dr. Mary McNaughton-Collins, medical director of the [Informed Medical Decisions Foundation] in Boston, Mass. Read more >
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Informed Medical Decisions Foundation Funded Research

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A Randomized Controlled Trial of Consumers Asking Questions to Prompt Clinicians to Discuss and Apply Evidence to their Care

To test a brief consumer-led intervention consisting of three generic “Consumer Questions” designed to encourage doctors to discuss evidence related to treatment options with their patients. They are: 1) “What are my options?” 2) “What are the possible outcomes of those options?”and 3) “How likely is each of the outcomes to occur?” Continue reading
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