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[The Boston Globe] Questions to Ask Before a Cancer Screening Test

Any cancer screening offers the benefits of early detection on one side versus the risks of overtreatment on the other. Patients need to be educated on the pros and cons of any type of screening, and should make the decision along with their doctor. Dr. Michael Barry, president of the Boston-based Informed Medical Decisions Foundation, recommends asking the following questions... Read more >
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[The Boston Globe Daily Dose Blog] 1 Million Women 'Overdiagnosed' with Breast Cancer Due to Mammograms, Controversial Study Suggests

Others, however, defended the researchers' conclusions, saying the study verifies research data that's been published in other countries. "They just took a different way of looking at the likely benefits of mammographic screening and the overdiagnosis rate," said Dr. Michael Barry, president of the Informed Medical Decisions Foundation. Read more >  
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[MarketWatch WSJ] Medicare, Medigap Cuts May Make You Sick

When it comes to cost analyses for the 65-plus set, Medicare itself should assume some of the burden, said Floyd J. Fowler Jr., senior scientific adviser for the Informed Medical Decisions Foundation, a nonprofit organization that advocates shared decision making among patients and health-care providers. The government would bring more expertise to bear on tough, cost-cutting decisions than the average beneficiary, Fowler said. But under current law, it can be difficult for Medicare to encourage cost-conscious choices because the program pays for any FDA-approved drug and any procedure deemed necessary, regardless of whether there's a lower-cost alternative that's just as effective. Read more >
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[Buffalo News] Too much health care? Waste cited by insurer: Overtreatment is targeted by Choosing Wisely effort

"Patients need to understand the risks and benefits of medical decisions, especially in those instances where the evidence for the benefit of a test or treatment is not great," said Floyd J. “Jack” Fowler, senior scientific adviser for the Informed Medical Decisions Foundation in Boston, Mass. Read more >
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