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Iowa and Wales United through Shared Decision Making

A Passion for Shared Decision Making Unites Nurses Living 4,000 Miles Apart

Any outsider listening to the phone conversation that occurred this summer between Kelly Taylor, director of quality improvement at Mercy Clinics, Inc. in Des Moines, Iowa and Jane Price, the lead nurse for patient experience at Aneurin Bevan Health Board in Gwent, Wales, would have though they were listening to old friends exchanging stories about a shared history of palliative care nursing. Although they had never met in person, this first conversation between the two was a seamless hour long exchange of personal anecdotes, lessons learned from their work, and hope for the future of health care for those suffering from terminal disease. Continue reading
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Angela Coulter, PhD

Author Spotlight: Angela Coulter, PhD

"What [we need] is a radical change in the way medicine is practiced," says Angela Coulter, director of global initiatives at the Informed Medical Decisions Foundation and author of Engaging Patients in Healthcare, her latest book. Angela's book is a comprehensive, evidence-based textbook that explores the ways in which patient engagement can improve overall health care. Continue reading
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Shared Decision-Making® Program Research

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A Randomized Controlled Trial of Information-giving to Patients Referred for Coronary Angiography: Effects on Outcomes of Care

Bernstein SJ, Skarupski KA, Grayson CE, et al.  A randomized controlled trial of information-giving to patients referred for coronary angiography: Effects on outcomes of care. Health Expect. 1998;1(1):50–61.  Read the abstract.
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Involving Patients in Clinical Decisions: Impact of an Interactive Video Program on Use of Back Surgery

Deyo RA, Cherkin DC, Weinstein J, et al. Involving patients in clinical decisions: Impact of an interactive video program on use of back surgery. Med Care. 2000;38(9):959-69. Read the abstract.
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In The News

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[New York Times Well Blog] Do Patients Want More Care or Less?

See a trend here? So does Dr. Michael Barry, president of the Informed Medical Decisions Foundation, a nonprofit group that promotes sound medical thinking. "People are more receptive to conversations about medical interventions having both pros and cons," says Dr. Barry. "Traditionally, newer and more aggressive interventions were often assumed to be better." But there are hints of a shift, he says: "When patients are fully informed, they tend to be more conservative."
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[The Boston Globe Daily Dose blog] Doctors Admit they Lie to Patients and Hide Mistakes, Survey Reveals

For now, patients facing a choice between multiple procedures or medications might want to ask doctors about any financial interests that could bias them in favor of one treatment over another, said Dr. Michael Barry, president of the Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making, a Boston-based patient advocacy group.
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Informed Medical Decisions Foundation Funded Research

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Enhancing Comprehension of Graphically Presented Medical Data: Designs to Help People with Low Graph Literacy

In order to make informed medical decisions, patients need to understand information about risks, benefits and drawbacks of different treatments. However, research on health literacy and medical decision making has shown that patients in different cultures have severe problems grasping a host of numerical concepts that are prerequisites for understanding health-relevant statistical information. Graphical displays -- including line plots, bar charts or icon arrays -- often facilitate the communication of numerical information, and can help overcome some of these difficulties. Continue reading
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