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Michael J. Barry, MD

The President's Corner: September 2012

This month, a much anticipated study was published in Health Affairs that addresses something we are often asked at the Informed Medical Decisions Foundation: What are the effects of decision aids on utilization rates and medical costs? Researchers from Group Health Cooperative found that when decisions aids were used for patients making a decision about whether or not to have elective knee or hip replacement surgeries, there was a significant drop in surgical procedures as more patients opted for more conservative, less costly treatment options. Continue reading
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Money & Medicine

PBS Special Money & Medicine Explores the Dangers of Overdiagnosis and Overtreatment

This evening, PBS will air a special investigative report on the dangers of our current medical system. Money & Medicine takes us inside two world-renowned hospitals -- UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles and Intermountain Medical Center in Utah -- and shares first-hand stories of unnecessary medical spending, as well as effective methods for improving the overall quality of care and reducing costs. Money & Medicine captures the variations of care from birth to death and paints a powerful picture of our country’s medical crisis. The film also depicts effective strategies currently practiced at UCLA and Intermountain that reduce wasteful medical spending and improve health care quality. These strategies include improving coordination of care, implementing shared decision making and practicing evidence-based medicine. Continue reading
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