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APHA 2013 Annual Meeting

141st APHA Annual Meeting and Exposition

Think Global, Act Local: Best Practice Around the World

The APHA Annual Meeting and Exposition will bring together more than 13,000 providers, administrators, researchers, educators and health specialists from around the world. In an ongoing effort to address public health issues on a global scale, the theme of the 141st meeting is "Think Global, Act Local: Best Practices Around the World." This year, shared decision making will make it's debut in two scientific sessions. First, in a poster session on innovative educational strategies, Nancy Rothman from Temple University will present the "Better Decisions Together" project. The initiative aims to empower patients to engage in meaningful conversations with their health care providers to make medical decisions together. The target audience of this project are uninsured and Medicaid-qualified patients in six federally qualified health centers. In an oral session on medical decision making and risk communication, speakers will discuss the impact of the Internet on decision making with a specific focus on disease screenings and immunizations. Presenters will identify strategies for effective communication of risk and make a case for patient and provider engagement in a shared decision making process. Learn more about the 141st APHA Annual Meeting.
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Shared Decision Making in Healthcare

The Management in Medicine and Health Experiences Institute speaker series is hosting a session on Shared Decision Making in Healthcare. This series is put on the the GTC Management in Medicine Programme in the Green Templeton College of Oxford. This session is focused on how shared decision making can achieve true patient centered care, from the perspective of three different speakers. The first speaker is the president of the Foundation, Michael Barry. He will be discussing what shared decision making means for patients and the benefits for them of participating in their healthcare. Following Michael, will be Martin Haerter who will discuss training doctors to share decisions with patients, and Trudy van der Weijden who will discuss shared decision making and clinical practice guidelines. These presentations will be followed by a panel discussion with the Foundation's director of initiative, Angela Coulter. Learn more about the session here
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Shared Decision Making Month 2014: Week Two Preview

The theme of the second week (March 10-14) is Shared Decision Making: The Pinnacle of Patient-Centered Care. Throughout the week we will focus on how shared decision making can help ensure that health care is truly patient-centered. Too often, the patient’s voice is not represented in health care decisions, so this week you will hear from real patients in our special guest blog post panel series.. We will also take a look at our progress toward greater engagement of patients and families in health care during a webinar this week and encourage you all to join us in an effort to create a more compassionate health care system that is responsive to the patient’s voice. Continue reading
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Patient-Centered Care Month 2013 Logo

“Compassion in Action”: Celebrating Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month

Patient-Centered Care Month 2013 LogoIn addition to being National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October is also Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month. Hosted by Planetree, the theme for 2013 is “Compassion in Action,” which ties to the core of Planetree’s philosophy that compassion is essential for care to truly be patient-centered. For organizations wanting to participate in the month, Planetree provides many ideas to promote patient-centered care practices and spread the message. One such idea is to display or distribute the Proclamation for Patient-Centered Care, which echoes many of the Informed Medical Decisions Foundation’s beliefs, such as “a patient is an individual to be cared for, not a medical condition to be treated” and “our patients are our partners and have knowledge and expertise that is essential to their care.”

Another way for organizations to participate in the month long celebration was to attend Planetree’s annual conference in Montreal in early October. For the very first time, Planetree chose to make one out of the three days of the conference “physician’s day” and our chief medical officer, Richard Wexler, was invited to present. While the attendees, for the most part, are already immersed in a culture that encompasses patient-centered care, “it was a great opportunity to teach them about shared decision making as a component of practicing patient-centered care,” said Richard.

Planetree has also released a new book in honor of the month called The Putting Patients First Field Guide: Global Lessons in Designing and Implementing Patient-Centered Care. This book provides real life examples on how to begin practicing patient-centered care and the many benefits it offers.

We hope progress toward developing compassionate care practices will continue to be commemorated beyond October and through this awareness, other organizations will see the value in creating a more patient-centered care environment.

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Shared Decision-Making® Program Research

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A Randomized Trial of a Multimedia Shared Decision Making Program for Men Facing A Treatment Decision for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Barry MJ, Cherkin DC, Chang Y, et al. A randomized trial of a multimedia shared decision-making program for men facing a treatment decision for benign prostatic hyperplasia. Disease Management and Clinical Outcomes. 1997;1(1):5–14.  Access the article.
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Involving Patients in Clinical Decisions: Impact of an Interactive Video Program on Use of Back Surgery

Deyo RA, Cherkin DC, Weinstein J, et al. Involving patients in clinical decisions: Impact of an interactive video program on use of back surgery. Med Care. 2000;38(9):959-69. Read the abstract.
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Informed Medical Decisions Foundation Perspectives

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Shared Decision Making & Medical Costs

The strongest argument for shared decision making is that patients have a fundamental right to understand all the reasonable medical options and the arguments for and against each option. Simply put, informing and involving patients in medical decisions is the right thing to do. By being informed and involved, patients have the ability to avoid having surgery that exposes them to risks they do not think are worth the benefits. In addition to those certain benefits, the evidence is also mounting that shared decision making is likely to pay for itself -- and it may well do better than that. Continue reading
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Patients Want to be Involved

Imprecisely worded and poorly designed survey questions have caused considerable confusion about the degree to which patients want to be involved in medical decisions. When questions are worded such that patients understand that they are not being asked to make decisions requiring technical clinical information and particularly when respondents have been given basic information about the decision they are facing, survey data are extremely consistent; most patients want to be informed and to play a direct and active role in the decision making process. Continue reading
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In The News

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[Reuters Health] Most Women with Cancer Want a Role in Decisions

"I think it's not so surprising that the actual decision making tended to be more doctor-directed than the patients wanted," said Dr. Michael Barry, president of the Foundation for Informed Medical Decisions Making, who was not involved in this study. Read more >
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[New York Times Well Blog] Do Patients Want More Care or Less?

See a trend here? So does Dr. Michael Barry, president of the Informed Medical Decisions Foundation, a nonprofit group that promotes sound medical thinking. "People are more receptive to conversations about medical interventions having both pros and cons," says Dr. Barry. "Traditionally, newer and more aggressive interventions were often assumed to be better." But there are hints of a shift, he says: "When patients are fully informed, they tend to be more conservative." Read more >
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Informed Medical Decisions Foundation Funded Research

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Barriers and Facilitators to Implementing Decision Boxes in Primary Healthcare Interdisciplinary Teams to Facilitate Shared Decision Making

Our primary aim is to explore the barriers and facilitators influencing primary healthcare interdisciplinary teams' use of decision boxes in clinical practice. Continue reading
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Identifying Components of Decision Aid Interventions that Enable Informed Decision Making about Dialysis Modality

This research aims to assess the effectiveness of component parts within patient decision aids (pDAs) on patient’s informed decisions about dialysis modality. Continue reading
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Informed Medical Decisions Foundation Demonstration Site

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Stillwater Medical Group

A member of Lakeview Health System, Stillwater Medical Group is a multi-specialty group practice serving Minnesota’s beautiful St. Croix Valley and western Wisconsin. Stillwater Medical Group seeks to provide patient-centered and compassionate care to the tens of thousands of patients the group encounters every year. With the goal of system-wide implementation of shared decision making for a wide variety of conditions, Stillwater Medical Group became a Foundation funded demonstration site in 2009. Stillwater Medical Group is guided by the needs of the patient as they work to create patient-provider partnerships that are effective and personal. Health care providers guide patients in shared decision making to help align treatment options with what is most important to patients. Continue reading
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MaineHealth is a nonprofit, integrated health system providing a range of care from prevention and health maintenance through tertiary services, rehabilitation, chronic care and long-term care. The health system serves three quarters of the state’s population. MaineHealth became a Foundation funded demonstration site in 2009 in order to better achieve its goal of achieving excellence in clinical care, patient safety, education and research. Continue reading
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25 Silver Keys to Foundation History

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Foundation History: Key 3


In the spring of 1988, RAND and the Hartford Foundation hosted a meeting in Santa Monica, CA. The purpose of the meeting was to find common ground between shared decision making (SDM) and medical guidelines. The meeting itself was a bit of a failure, and no consensus was met. However, in attendance were Jack Wennberg, Al Mulley, Michael Barry and Jack Fowler, all of whom believed in the power of SDM to improve the quality of care. After the meeting came to an end, the four of them went on a walk along the beach to enjoy the California sun. While on the walk, they got to talking and came up with the basic idea for the Foundation. The picture above is a recreation of the walk on the beach that set the stage for the Informed Medical Decisions Foundation you know today.

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Foundation History: Key 5

FIMDM Group Shot 2005

This photo was taken in 2005 and consists of the entire Foundation staff at the time...11 employees. Seven of the 11 in this picture are still part of the organization, but we have grown to 31 employees over the past nine years. When the Foundation first started in 1989, there were a mere two employees working to promote shared decision making as a solution for geographic practice variation. Both the Foundation and shared decision making have come a long way since 1989, as evidenced by our ever growing staff and the milestones we've achieved. We value our employees for their dedication to our mission and the passion they have for shared decision making. All Foundation staff, past and present, have helped make a difference in the lives of patients around the world and we couldn't be more proud of our team.

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